Therapeutic Approach

Developing a therapeutic relationship with you is the foundation of the work that we can do together. Therapeutic work focuses on the exploration and understanding of how current difficulties, past experiences and ways of coping may be affecting your psychological well-being, and aims to help you gain insight regarding your difficulties. In addition, it aims to guide you and empower you make your own decisions as well as to pursue constructive changes in your lives. I value and implement evidence-based psychological therapy interventions; however, an individualistic treatment plan will be constructed in a way that addresses and responds to your unique needs and goals.

My therapeutic work is based on the integrative model of psychological therapy, which combines the psychodynamic, the cognitive-behavioural and the humanistic / person-centred approach. In addition, I integrate therapeutic interventions from various other models: Mentalisation-Based Therapy, Compassion-focused therapy, Play therapy, Mindfulness and Dialectical-Behaviour Therapy. The aim is to adapt my therapeutic approach to the unique needs and experiences of each individual.